Acupressure Point: Sea of Energy (CV6)

Acupressure point CV6 sea of energy

Acupressure point CV6 sea of energy

This point is located in the area of the Sacred Chakra (Hara), home of the primary energy. Tradition considers this place the center of the human body. It is therefore closely related to the true Self. As its name suggests, CV6 is a great source of energy. It is on the acupressure points of choice to fight fatigue.
Given its location, it also helps for menstrual pain, digestive disorders and lumbar problems.


Conception Vessel 6 (CV6), Sea of Energy, Hara.

Where is this point?

Between the navel and the pubic bone, on the middle line, 2 finger widths under the navel.

How to work this point?

Position your forefinger, middle finger and ring finger of one hand along the line below the navel, and press until you reach a small firm spot.
A softer stimulation would be to position the palm of your hand over the area, without pressing. The palm emits energy and transmits it to the point.
You can practice while standing up, sitting (back straight and feet flat on the floor) or lying down.

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