Acupressure to lose weight?

Weight loss acupressure

Weight loss acupressureYou might be wondering: can I really rub a few spots somewhere on my body and make my urge to overeat disappear? Can I apply pressure with my fingers and… lose weight?

It sounds too good to be true, I know.

Yet there is so much clinical and empirical evidence that acupressure is effective—for stress reduction, pain relief, labor induction and more—that it is now being used at top medical centers and universities around the world. Including Yale and Johns Hopkins! And they are seeing weight-loss patients get great results.

Like so many people, perhaps you have tried to make healthier choices in the past and did not see much difference on the scale. Good news: acupressure can really give you that extra boost you are looking for.

Dieting alone is not enough as an effective weight-loss program. Shifting to a diet with less carbs, more proteins and more fiber is excellent for temporarily losing weight, but it does not get at the causes of food addictions, obsessions, yearnings and cravings. People can lose weight on low-calorie or low-carb diets, but that kind of diet change is not a deep shift, so they tend to gain it back.

Adding acupressure to your weight loss program (healthy food, exercise, etc) can make it work better and help maintaining your initial weight loss afterwards.

Clinical research shows that:
• acupressure techniques make an ordinary diet work a whopping 300% better
• acupressure cures cravings completely for 89% of people
• most acupressure techniques help lower levels of belly-fattening stress hormones

The Western research has discovered that the meridians described in Traditional Chinese Medicine actually correspond to areas of the body where nerve centers, blood vessels muscles and intricate webs of connective tissue converge to form powerful pathways to the brain. So when scientists stimulate points traditionally thought to improve mood, for example, MRI studies are showing increased production of feel-good brain chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin.

That is why acupressure is a great booster for weight loss: it works on the underlying causes of your weight issues, like stress.

Other studies have shown that stimulating traditional hunger-control acupressure / acupuncture points prompts the brain’s appetite center to produce stop-eating hormones. That’s an additional level on which acupressure operates.

While research to determine the exact mechanisms that make acupressure work is still in its early stages, we know for sure that there is zero risk of side effects. There is no harm in trying it—and there are tremendous benefits. Plus, it is easy to do, can be used anywhere—and it’s free!

Learn the acupressure points and exercises to boost your Weight Loss program.

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