Music that feels good: brain wave therapy

music waves therapy
brain wave therapy

You read “music that feels good,” and you think “relaxing music”. Yet the power of sound goes well beyond, and science meets art to serve holistic well-being and vitality.

The cell vibrates and emits music, inaudible to the ear, but real. The brain emits waves. In different areas of the brain, nerve impulses work in relative coherence and in a rhythmic way: the neurons get triggered together (more or less) as a beat, then calm down, then become active again. The intensity of the brain activity is manifested by the frequency of these waves.

The most famous is the Alpha wave, that of slight relaxation and quiet wakefulness. The body is immersed in a flow of vital energy and subtle bodies, that radiate a field. It is therefore not surprising that sound comes into deep resonance with the human being.

We are in a period of important discoveries in the field of sound vibrations at the service of health. The ultrasounds, currently used by medicine, appear as prehistoric tools compared to the possibilities now offered by certain musical vibrations. Many researchers and musicians have been developing for the past 30 years a holistic medicine where the vibration of sound, like the homeopathy granule, acts on a harmonic frequency, gently but deeply restoring the vital energy circulation, and therefore the balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. We’ve gone from music therapy to synchrotherapy. Some types of sound pulses emitted directly into the ears can:

  • induce, accelerate or slow down the brain waves frequency,
  • make both hemispheres of the brain adopt the same rate,
  • enter into resonance with the chakras (=”energy wheel”, in Sanskrit),
  • speed up or slow down the heart beat, and therefore the blood flow throughout the body and brain,

Sound, be it musical or not, is a powerful tool in many areas

Relaxation: To evacuate the psychological and physical tension caused by destabilizing factors (hyperactivity, stress, noise). The decrease of brain waves sound frequency to the Alpha range, coupled with visualization (guided or not), gives remarkable results.

Cure: To reduce anxiety, to fight depression, insomnia, weight gain, to help during pregnancy and childbirth, to ease pain.

Energy balance: The chakras are connected to different spheres of the human being, and their balance is essential. When we talk of relaxing music, we almost always think of light music, nay ethereal and transparent (harp, water, crystalline female voice, etc.). But these sounds resonate only with the upper chakras of the body, mainly the 3rd Eye (between the eyebrows) and the Coronal chakra (on top of the head) and sometimes the Heart chakra. This music is efficient to relax the mind, but it is not sufficient to balance all the chakras. The lower body chakras (Root, Hara, Solar Plexus), require low vibration. Also, if your mind tend to race all the time, bass sounds will connect you back to the earth energy, ground you, more effectively than harp or harpsichord.

Personal transformation: Some carefully studied sounds are said to promote emotional growth (developing self-esteem, eliminating self-sabotage), and to r-establish the harmonious aspect of one’s personality.

Mental Training: These techniques are applied to businessmen and athletes to increase their productivity, motivation and mental performance, develop creativity, learning ability, concentration and enhance their memory.

Mind & consciousness expansion: And finally, the ultimate stage, that can affect the spiritual sphere, sounds may enable the expansion of consciousness. Go to the references listed below to explore these dimensions. Indeed, who has never sensed the divine by listening to some songs?

To learn more (*):
The Monroe Institute, an organization dedicated to the continuing transformation of Human Consciousness.
Healing Music, sound & music in the healing arts.
Brain Sync., Brain wave therapy.
Hemi-Sync, Hemispheric synchronization.
(*) Some of these sources are commercial entities but offer very interesting articles, and are the recognized pioneers in these techniques.

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