how to breathe

Yogis have known this for thousands of years. The scientists have now proved that to win the peace of body and heart, just… breathe! In depth, slowly and with awareness.

A breath of health

By ignoring the fundamental role of breathing, we tend to overlook it. It is not simply about inhaling and exhaling, but about distributing oxygen to all our body cells. In 24 hours, we absorb 500 liters of oxygen. This oxygen nourishes the red blood cells, which in turn distribute it in our organs and tissues. The better we breathe, the more we feed our body, and the benefits are numerous: balancing of the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, rebalancing the acidity of the blood…

In addition to the benefits of getting maximum oxygenation, the body movements generated by the airflow during deep breathing massage several muscles and internal organs of the chest and digestion system. Hence the need to perform deep breaths as often as possible.

Breathe to find inner harmony

Our breathing is directly related to our emotions. As soon as emotions disturb us, our breathing changes. If we maintain a rapid respiratory rate, corresponding to a state of stress or anxiety, we extend that emotion. The first thing to do is to lower the respiratory rate to decrease stress. The ideal frequency is fifteen breaths per minute. For people in a meditative state, the rate comes down to six.

Daily breathing exercises

Learn how to breathe, with these daily exercises.

Sport and breathing

Swimming is an excellent way to learn how to breathe. It requires immersion and to synchronize breathing, and thus to control the respiratory system. While walking or jogging, inhale while reaching the ground with your foot. Breathing the other way round is a sure way to get a cramp on the side!

Soft gymnastics, yoga and relaxation will help you control your breathing, making you aware of its mechanisms in order to enjoy the benefits in your body and, especially, in your mind.

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