Ericksonian hypnosis

ericksonian hypnosis
ericksonian hypnosis

Medical Ericksonian hypnosis is fundamentally different from traditional hypnosis, in that there is no direct suggestion involved.

The patient remains conscious throughout the hypnosis work. He is accompanied by the therapist, who during a simple conversation provides him/her access to the resources of their unconscious: the subject is fully respected in their mental structure, and finds themselves the answer to their problem, within the range of their personal abilities.

Ericksonian hypnosis is a brief therapy (3-10 sessions), that solves a personal issue or distress. I tested it coupled with visualization: the memory of a traumatic event I experienced was changed by adding reassuring and protective elements. In one session, a trauma that had happened 20 years before has become a new and not disturbing memory. Even though my rational mind knows that the new elements never happened, that’s  how I remember this event now.

For more information: Ericksonian hypnosis -Wikipedia)

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