Fear and the Kidney meridians

fear, Kidneys meridian

“Fear blocks the intelligent understanding of life”
Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Fear is a normal psychological state, inherent to life and its events.

Working on the energy helps to keep it at a healthy level (i.e., that is not handicapping, and does not cause any dysfunction or disease). Fear is in my eyes like an apparent wall, but one we can go through. For those of you who have already seen an episode of Stargate SG-1, fear makes me think of the Stargate, a terrifying wall of liquid, that gives the impression that you will perish in it if you get in it , but when you enter it you are drawn into a vortex that takes you to other worlds (i.e. new experiences or stages of life).

fear, Kidneys meridian

Whenever I’m afraid to move forward even though reasoning shows the risk is low, then I think about this gate, and I go through the wall.

Fear and the Qi

Fear is regulated by the Kidney meridian, the Yin meridian of the Water Element. Balancing this meridian enables the necessary (reasonable) risk taking in life.

If the Kidney meridian is empty, fear and paralysis grow. However, prolonged exposure to something that scares us leads to anxiety, a mental state regulated by the Spleen meridian, which partner is the Stomach meridian. Thus, fear takes appetite away, or makes us feel sick or even vomit. In the long run, a permanent state of fear generates  eating disorders (tendency to bulimia or anorexia, abnormal weight gain or loss). A sudden fear, in turn, empties the Kidney meridian, which then pumps the energy of its partner the Bladder meridian. It is well known that fear can empty the bladder!

On the contrary, an excess of Qi in the Kidney meridian inflates courage to the dangerous state of recklessness. Extreme sports enthusiasts all suffer from an excess of Qi in the Kidney meridian. Kidneys are also the seat of sexual energy, and those in excess of Qi in the kidneys tend to live an riotous, even compulsive, sexuality.

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