How to get over jet lag

jet lag remedy
jet lag remedy

Jet lag can take up to 3 weeks for some of us! To help our system to adjust to the local time zone (to avoid jet lag), an efficient way is to help our internal energetic clock to go back on track. That boosts the process.

Indeed, jet lag is a upheaval that goes beyond the body and physiological functions. The human body is constantly ridden by its vital energy (Qi or Ch’i or Ki), a flow that is always in motion. The Qi goes up and down the torso, the back, legs, arms, hands, feet and head, following one long loop. This loop has been divided by traditional Chinese medicine into 12 segments: the meridians. Each meridian passes through a vital organ, which name it takes.

Each meridian is in “high tide” for two hours during the day. Therefore, it takes 24 hours for the 12 meridians, or the whole loop, to be in focus. During these two hours, the meridian concerned is restored, a bit like the brains during sleep.

This is called the circadian clock principle.

When we are jet lagged, the meridians are activated at a time that is not theirs. For example, the time slot for the Stomach meridian is 7am-9am, at the time of breakfast, first food intake after a long period of inactivity. If you are at this moment still at night (jet lag to the West), your digestive function wakes up and wakes you up.

Because each meridian regulates an emotion, a psychological state, a sense, these spheres are also disturbed.

Exercise to recover from jet lag

Here is a simple and easy jet lag remedy, based on the energy meridians:

How: At least once a day, for 5 minutes, brush energetically (with your palm) or tap (with your lose fist) along the energy meridians. It is not necessary to know their path by heart or exactly. Here is a simple exercise that does it for you:

Arms: Reach your arm out, palm facing the ceiling. Brush/tap the inner side, from the armpit to the palm, and then the outer side, from the hand to the shoulder to the neck. The direction is important, because it follows the direction of the vital energy flow in the meridians. Repeat on the other arm.

Legs: Open your legs. Brush/tap the inner side of one leg, from the ankle to the groin, then the outer side of the leg, from the hip to the ankle. Brush the back of the leg, from the buttocks to the heel. The direction is important, because it follows the direction of the vital energy flow in the meridians. Repeat on the other leg.

Feet: Brush the top of the foot, then the sole of the foot. Massage and stretch (and even pull) each toe. Many meridians start or end at the toes. Repeat on the other foot.

Tummy: Gently rub in a circular movement, along the edge of the ribs, the hip bones and the pubis. Then in a smaller circle around the navel. The tummy holds many vital organs, and each vital organ is crossed by a meridian.

Head: Massage/rub the scalp on top of your head, from the forehead to the nape, then on the sides from the temples to the rear of the ears. Many meridians wind on the head.

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