Lung meridian

Lungs Meridian

Our first and last function in life is to take a breath. Breathing supplies our cells with oxygen for growth, maintenance, repair and to remove the gaseous waste.
The lungs are in charge of the physical energy. It is related to the other organ that is a gate between our inside and outside: the skin. Because of the flow of air, the lungs and bronchis, the nose, the tone of voice, mucus secretion, cough are affected by the Lungs Meridian. A deficiency in Chi in that Meridian decreases your defenses against colds, flus and related illnesses.
The Lung Meridian is Metal and regulates worry, sadness, change. It is associated with white, autumn, dryness, the nose, rotten smell/flavor.
If any of the points along its path feels sore, press on it for a few minutes per day until the point is not sore anymore. That will balance the Ch’i in that Meridian and everything it is associated with.
(Drawings copyright Anne Cossé)

Lung Meridian

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