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Acupressure point Kidney 27, K27, Yu Fu, Elegant Mansion

Acupressure Point: Elegant Mansion (K27)

K27 point strengthens the immune system, and is one of the “Tonic Master Points”. It is also very effective in calming the psychological states of tension, anxiety, worry, and depression, especially combined with CV17...

no complaining

6 Tips to Get Rid of Complaining

A 6 tool-kit to manage to not complain for a full month. Because it ain’t as easy as it looks! During an average conversation, we lob complaints at each other about once a minute,...

Acupressure points B32-34

Acupressure Points: Sacral Points

The Sacral Points are a set of very close points on the sacrum. They increase the blood and energy flows in the pelvis (genitalia, chakras). Names: Bladder 27 to Bladder 34, B27-34, Sacral Points....

Maido Project

Maido Project

Mesmerizing electro-jazz! Maido Project Live featuring Sandhya Sanjana, Monica Shaka, Minh Pham, Leo Komazawa, Fabrice Drigues & Pierre Baillot.