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Tears of laughter

The Topography of Tears

A few years ago, during a time of personal hardship when she cried a lot, artist Rose-Lynn Fisher asked herself: “I wonder if all tears are the same? I wonder if tears of grief...

Acupressure point Liver 3, Lv3, great surge

Acupressure Point: Great Surge (Lv3)

Liver 3 (Lv3) prevents Chi stagnation in the body and is the most important point for combating stress. It is also very efficient for detox and decongestion. Use it for slow digestion, hangover, upset...

Ear piercing, vital energy

Is ear piercing bad for the vital energy?

A reader recently sent me this question, and I would like to share my answer with you: “My 9 and 6 year old daughters asked to have their ears pierced … Should I discourage them? Is piercing harmful to health and the energy that flows through the ears?”

Acupressure point Hoku, LI4, Large Intestine 4

Acupressure Point: Hoku / Union in the Valley (LI4)

This point is fabulous because it can be used to treat pain and tension (physical and psychological), which includes many problems: headaches, constipation, insomnia, stress, tense shoulders and neck. Names: Hoku, Union in the...