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Acupressure point Kidney 27, K27, Yu Fu, Elegant Mansion

Acupressure Point: Elegant Mansion (K27)

K27 point strengthens the immune system, and is one of the “Tonic Master Points”. It is also very effective in calming the psychological states of tension, anxiety, worry, and depression, especially combined with CV17...

Cardiac coherence

How to practice cardiac coherence

A harmonious (“coherent”) heartbeat helps the brain to fight against stress, anxiety and depression. Learn more about cardiac coherence … Cardiac coherence is a very simple method, that can be used by everyone, in...


Mini-meditation for Dummies

. Do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Need to pause for a moment? This mini-meditation is for those who find it difficult to meditate, and/or have little time to do it. Meditation is a powerful source...