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Acupressure points B32-34

Acupressure Points: Sacral Points

The Sacral Points are a set of very close points on the sacrum. They increase the blood and energy flows in the pelvis (genitalia, chakras). Names: Bladder 27 to Bladder 34, B27-34, Sacral Points....

Acupressure point B57

Acupressure Point: Support Mountain (B57)

Working the B57 point is efficient for relieving cramps and spasms, especially in the calf, pain in the knees, lumbago, and swelling of the feet and ankles (eg after a flight). Names: Bladder 57...

Bladder Meridian

Bladder meridian

Symptoms of an imbalanced Bladder meridian are: eye diseases, ear problems, sinusitis, headaches, problems with the spine, lumbago & sciatica, sexual organ dysfunctions, chronic cystitis, hemorrhoids • Press any sore point to balance the...