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Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky

Cutting-edge multimedia technologies and good old fashioned human creativity. Howard Stern hits the golden buzzer for Freckled Sky • www.FreckledSky.com – America’s Got Talent 2015.

video Bolero flamenco

Flamenco Bolero

A flamenco version of the Boléro by Ravel, performed by the Ballet Teatro Espanol. .

video libertango

Thought of You

Animation: “Thought of You” by Ryan Woodward. http://ryanwoodwardart.com Music: “Libertango” Astor Piazzolla, played by “Grupo Elegia” (Natalia Shkil-violín, Mars Yamalov-violín, Sergey Shkil-contrabajo, Elvira Yamalova-piano). .

dancing nana

Dance on!

88 years old! Do yourselves a favor and watch this until the very last second (don’t miss the ending!). Life is good, dance on! .

Dancing with Light | Quixotic

Quixotic Fusion is an ensemble of artists that brings together aerial acrobatics, dance, theater, film, music and visual effects. Watch as they perform three transporting dance pieces at TED2012. .