Reiki Treatment

“Anne outstandingly masters stress management techniques and spirit. In such, her method has proven efficient by detecting the sources of tension and providing immediate relief and keys of DIY practice.
But what also makes the difference is the personality of Anne: great sense of empathy, natural ability in communication and the French humor twist!
Being myself skeptical in the first place, I can only recommend Anne’s support as a powerful and highly proficient resource of relief and wellness.”
– Jacques Malz, CEO (Asia Pacific, Singapore)

“Anne Cossé has a true gift and I have been one of the lucky ones to have experienced her talent first “hand.” Sensing that I had virtually no vital energy in me, Anne went to work. In two days’ time I was feeling better, and this encouraged me to continue working with her. Within about two months’ time, it was obvious that her treatments were making a huge difference for me and my health. I went from zero energy and not being able to stay awake most of the day in December, to being able to cope with a trans-Atlantic move back the US in March and the start of a new job in NYC, all without one health problem to get in the way. I guess the best testimony I could make is that if I had the means to do it, I would fly to Paris to see her every few weeks, or I would fly her here to New York City to see me. She’s that good! It’s just too bad I’m not a millionaire, at least not yet!!!”
– Katie Holler, eBusiness Manager (New York)

“I work in an area where there are a lot of business trips and a lot of stress. I was having difficulty managing the stress and bearing the fatigue that was the result of all my travels. In early 2006, I felt I needed a method to better manage my fatigue and stress. When I met Anne Cosse, I believed I had found a potential solution to my problems with fatigue and stress. The results of her intervention were even better than I anticipated. Her practice and advices helped me much to better manage my energy and stress in my life. Even a few days after the first session, I was feeling better.”
– Jim Christiensen, International Manager (London, Paris)

“When I arrive at Anne’s office, I’m tense and often sore, having spent a week in the city, doing a stressful job. When I leave, I feel as if it’s all been lifted off and I’m peaceful. I usually sleep like a baby that night! She has also helped me release the physical residue and blockages of a lifetime of accumulated stresses. I can’t recommend her enough!”
– Denise Quirk Baillot, Psychotherapist (Paris)

“I called on Anne in 2006-2007 to relieve me as I was overstressed. During a year, Anne was very efficient and helpful ; thanks to her, I quickly felt better and the benefits of her work are still lasting.”
– Bruno Dufraisse, Partner & Management Consultant (Paris)

“With her ability to listen and her non-judgmental acceptance, her wisdom supported by a profound experience, her intuitive magic and informed touch, Anne Cosse made me find peace again. The wide range of tools that Anne masters and draws from at the right time powerfully assists in the transformation and growth of anyone.”
– Guillaume Lévy-Lambert, CEO (Singapore)

Remote Reiki treatment:

“I don’t know when it happened, but what is certain is that something happened. I was sleeping when you operated. When I woke up this morning my hands were hot and were pulsing. This reassured me because I hadn’t had that warm feeling in a long while. But mostly I feel my inner strength is back, I feel more serenity. Also, my thoughts are clearer this morning. For the first time in two weeks I slept well, but it seems like someone called me during my sleep. Well, it is a very vague memory, I felt like rising to the surface, but without waking up. I was just fine, wrapped in softness. Another thing that comes to my mind is, while waking up, before opening my eyes this morning, I saw a lot of white and purple. I don’t know if it means anything? Anyway, many thanks.” Michele, Singapore

“After the first session (radiotherapy, surgery), I felt euphoria and an impressive ability to cope in a state of zen! The medical staff congratulated me for my courage and told me I was very strong and asked if I was practicing yoga or any other relaxation therapy !!!!! And for the first chemio session, I felt a state of well being and serenity !!!!!! my morale is much better !!!!!” Monique, France

Reiki Attunement

“Thank you so much for yesterday, it was a very enriching day which i won’t forget!! Thank you for the attunement. This will change my life.” Christina

“Thank you Anne for giving me so much kindness and for having opened a new path to a new knowledge.” Cécile

“Thank you, Anne, for this sharing and teaching that makes me feel so good. I feel great, sleep well, and have a high energy.” Christèle

“Thank you Anne for your warmth and simplicity with which you reveal the magic of Reiki. Thank you for this experience.” Stéphanie

“I lived this course very intensely, so impressive! Thank you Anne for being so endearing and professional. Your teachings and documents will be very valuable to me for the rest of my life. I feel I am floating on a cloud … I hope it lasts! ” Laurence

“I’m more and more diligent with Reiki and I think I am really into it now! Thank you, thank you very much, you have a lot to do with it! I have rarely felt so much energy than during this day with you.” Marie-Pascale

“Thank you for this course, it was very interesting.” Sabine

“Thank you Anne for the experience you made us live yesterday. I came back exhausted, I hurt all over as if I had been exercising for hours and hours, but I felt good in my mind. I went to bed early last night and this morning I am very energized. I do not know why, but my mind seems more stable. “Michele

“Thanks for this day with you and the power of this course.” Eve

“It’s great. Thanks for giving me access to this.” Karine

“I couldn’t believe how tired I was last night and even today but after lots of water, I’m feeling energized and ready for work tomorrow! Many thanks for a great day yesterday.” Casey

“Thanks again for this Reiki class, I liked it a lot and learned things that were unknown of to me.” Christine