Acupressure Point B1 (“Eyes Bright”)

Facial Acupressure point B1, Eyes Bright
Facial Acupressure point B1, Eyes Bright

Acupressure point B1 (Bladder 1) is one of the best acupressure/acupuncture point for eye problems of all kinds from early-stage cataracts or glaucoma to hysteria with vision loss. They are also used for problems with conjunctivitis due to Wind-Heat and Liver Heat, to blurred vision in the elderly due to Deficient Jing and Blood.
The Bladder meridian regulates th urinary track, toxic waste elimination via urine, and working it is good for these areas as well as swelling, oedema, dehydration. Finally, the bladder adapts with ease to being empty or full, and therefore adaptability and flexibility are associated with the bladder meridian.


Bladder 1, B1, Eyes Bright.

Where is this point?

At the bottom of the hollow where the inner corner of the eye meets the nose.

How to work this point?

Carefully position the pulp of yous thumbs. You can apply pressure and apply a circular motion.
To relax your arms, put your elbows on a table, your B1 points on your thumbs and relax your head and neck: the weight of your head does the pressure work for you.
Be careful to relax your shoulders.

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