Acupressure Point: Surging Qi (St30)

Acupressure point Stomach 30 (ST30)
Acupressure point Stomach 30 (ST30)

The acupressure point St30 is used for pain in the lumbar and iliac regions, coldness in the knee, paralysis or motor impairment and pain in the lower limbs.


Stomach 30, St30, Surging ( Penetrating Rushing) Qi, Qui Chong

Where is this Point:

Acupressure point St30 is located on the crease of the groin, three fingers on each side away from the midline of the body.

How to work this Point:

Place your thumbs, or your fists, on each of the points and exert pressure towards the sacrum.
Remember not to tense the shoulders, and to breathe.

how to work acupressure point St30

To let your body weight do the work, lie on your stomach. Place your fists between the floor and your body, on both points St30. Or use two tennis table or golf balls.
Lifting the legs is optional.

acupressure exercise St30

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