Acupressure Points: Sacral Points

Acupressure points B32-34
Acupressure sacral points B32-34

The Sacral Points are a set of very close points on the sacrum. They increase the blood and energy flows in the pelvis (genitalia, chakras).


Bladder 27 to Bladder 34, B27-34, Sacral Points.

Where is this point?

Four points corresponding to the four hollow spots on the sacrum (lower back), on both sides of the buttocks median line.

How to work this point?

With your fingers follow the spine and locate the flat bones of the sacrum underneath the upper part of the buttocks. If you press hard enough you feel 4 depressions in the bone.

Do not use in case of fracture of or crack in the tailbone or sacrum.

[This information is given for educational and recreational purposes. Consult a healthcare practitioner if you are sick].

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  1. Hi ..
    I have had pain at Sacral B27 points two years ago and doctors have not been able to know the reasons for that strong inflammation. I have been taking painkillers since then and I hope you tell me what is the effective solution or medication.
    Thank you

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