Acupressure (or reflexology, or acupuncture without needles) is a natural therapeutic method that stimulates the energy flow in the body, strengthen the self-healing abilities and helps resist to disease.

Acupressure is sometimes confused with massage, which is inappropriate. Acupressure is one of the three branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with herbs medicine and acupuncture. Diet and energy gymnastics such as Tai-Chi and Qi Gong are complements. A TCM practitioner specializes in one of those 5 modalities.

Every region in Asia, and later on in the West, has developped its own style. Shiatsu, for instance, is the Japanese version of acupressure.  There are now in the world many different acupressure modalities and techniques.

See Charts here: Foot Reflexology Facial ReflexologyHand ReflexologyEar reflexology.

To understand the difference between Acupressure and Reiki, listen to my interview on Lush 99.5 (Singapore)

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Acupressure vs Reiki | Anne Cossé