Acupressure Benefits

Acupressure benefits are diverse, acupressure is an appropriate therapy for many different ailments and disorders.

Achieve emotional health

emotional balance

Emotional tension can lead to physical ailments. Acupressure helps by releasing this physical tension and re-opening the Qi flow, which is prone to a balanced emotional state.
Acupressure helps to relieve panic attacks, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, phobias, sorrow, worry… And is especially effective in the treatment of those suffering from physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse.

Manage stress

Acupressure and stress management

Acupressure helps to alleviate stress by working directly on the autonomic nervous system, which calms nervous tension and increases resistance to stress. Treatment encourages a deep relaxation of the body which has a very positive impact on state of mind.

As our tension disappears, we feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.
Regular acupressure treatments can significantly decrease our sensitivity/reaction to stress and stress-related ailments until they progressively dissolve and disappear (see below).

Treat stress physical and psychological dysfunctions

acupressure and ailments

Acupressure stimulates the body’s natural self-healing capabilities and helps alleviate physical and psychological dysfunctions such as:

  • Aches & Pains in the head, back, teeth, etc.
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Arthritis
  • Cramps or spasms
  • Depression or low spirits
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional imbalance
  • Fatigue
  • Hyperactivity
  • Immune system weakness
  • Insomnia
  • Libido problems
  • Menstrual cycle irregularities
  • Muscular tension
  • Sagging of facial muscles
  • Self-confidence or self-esteem issues
  • Sexual disorders
  • Skin problems
  • Sinusitis
  • Stomach disorders

Acupressure also tends to strengthen the immune system.

Relieve back pain

back pain acupressure, back pain, lumbago

Four people out of five suffer from severe backache at least once in their lives. Back pain is often caused by an accumulation of tension or emptiness in specific acupoints.
Acupressure treatments help to:

  • Relax and decrease the physical and physiological effects of stress in the stomach, solar plexus, neck & shoulders muscles, back muscles, etc.
  • Work on tense acupoints and relieve aches and pains in the back, belly, plexus, etc.

Note: Acupressure is not a substitute for allopathy medicine; rather it is a complementary treatment. You should consult a doctor in case of intense and/or recurring pain.

Sleep better

acupressure can help you sleep

Whatever the cause of your insomnia, acupressure is a safe and natural way to help you sleep.

With no chemicals, it calm anxiety, anger, irritability, worry, reduces night sweats and more.

Enhance a youthful glow

acupressure and beauty

As a finger pressure technique, acupressure can be used as a facial massage technique. Simple finger pressure relieves congested areas as well as relaxes the muscles. Thus toxins are released and eliminated, which of course benefits our outward appearance.

More importantly, many meridians run across the face, neck and skull. By massaging the points linked to the Qi, acupressure accesses the deeper levels and works on the general well-being, which in turn reflects on the face (everybody has noticed how a person in love looks radiant no matter what!). This vital energy is the most important element of the Acupressure Facelift; it governs our health, how we feel as well as how we look.

The Chinese have used acupressure to enhance physical fitness and beauty for thousands of years. This 5,000 year old system has been found effective for toning muscles, improving the condition and luster of skin, relieving acne, sinus problems, jaw tension, and headaches. Many of the points that are used for these common complaints have Chinese names that reveal their benefits, such as the Facial Beauty point and the Heavenly Appearance point.

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Lose Weight

weight loss acupressure

Working on specific acupressure points regulates the flow of vital energy through the energy meridians. This energy flow balances your appetite, digestive system, metabolism and compulsive urges to eat.
It helps also deal with stress and anxiety, common culprits of weight gain.
And acupressure therapy is effective for healing your body’s self-image.

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Enhance sexuality

Acupressure and Tantra

Acupressure is a powerful way to reach and link all spheres of the body.

With finger pressure applied to key acupoints, we can create a state of deep relaxation, stimulate sexual energy, prolong and strengthen pleasure, and help the body to eliminate disorders associated with sexual intercourse.

Prevent and treat sports injuries

acupressure and injuries

Massage has been used by athletes for many years before and after sports events. Acupressure is a complement to western medicine treatments and to other bodywork techniques, at various stages of the event:

Prevent injuries: heats muscles and tendons (in association with other techniques).
Enhance performance: increases muscular tone, strengthens physical resistance, boosts blood flow.
Healing: accompanies muscular chilling after an intense physical exercise, injuries, relieves pain and neuromuscular ailments.
First aid: heart attack, strokes, general pain, dislocation, neck and back pain, chilling.

Acupressure & women

Acupressure and women

Acupressure is particularly suitable for women, so much in its essence (for women, body and mind, physical and psychological/emotional spheres are strongly intertwined), than in its modality (soft, non-invasive technique, received fully-clothed).

Acupressure is a fit answer to women’s specific needs.

General health
PMS, cramps, mood swings, menstrual cycle disorders, fertility, ovarian cyst, cystitis, hyperthyroidism, endometritis, breast mascosis, pelvic inflammation, bladder and vaginal infections, eating disorders, anemia, are common women ailments. Acupressure is an efficient complementary treatment that regulates the female genito-urinary system, and is a powerful tool to balance emotions.

Acupressure helps dealing with the changes, risks and specific ailments related to pregnancy, from conception to delivery, and then during the delicate post-partum time.

Prenatal: relax, release stress and tension, balance mood and feelings, strengthen the bond with child, relieve physical symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as bloating, water retention, muscular cramps, pain in the neck, the back, the hips, sciatica, headaches, nausea, blood pressure, bloodstream.
Delivery: induce a late labor, ease the expulsion process, relieve pain.
Postnatal: strengthen the natural ability of the body to heal after a vaginal or abdominal delivery. Many women suffer from tension in the neck and shoulders, stress and fatigue, postnatal depression, lactation issues, genital disorders. Acupressure treatment after delivery helps decreasing those symptoms naturally.

Menopause symptoms are the visible part of the hormonal storm that rages in the woman’s body. Because acupressure works on balancing, it helps calming the tornado, and supports the woman during this period. Learn more…

Emotional release
For many reasons, including biological, women are in close contact with their emotions, and need to manage and process them regularly. If verbalization is not possible, women can find in acupressure an efficient mean to rebalance their daily life emotional turmoil.

Low spirits, depression, suffering

acupressure and depression

Statistics all over the world show that amongst people suffering from depression, there are twice as many women as there are men… Furthermore, women are more prone than men to atypical forms of depression, such as bulimia, hypersomnia, and compulsive buying.
Of course, depression can be triggered by hormones (baby blues, menopause, winter…), but the experts agree that hormones do not explain everything. They think that women are not more prone to depression than men, it’s just that they express it more. It is true that women consult therapists, and generally express themselves more easily than men, but one has to admit that they also are subjected to heavy pressure and duties. It is a proven fact that stress affects the “hormones of happiness” – melatonin, noradrenalin, serotonin, endorphins – that regulate mood and well-being. Acupressure helps stimulate them, and resist.
See “Achieve emotional balance”

Violence & harassment
Violence, be it physical (assault, sexual abuse) or verbal (harassment, humiliation, emotional blackmail), leaves deep scars in tthe body and the mind. Acupressure, coupled with verbal therapies (psychotherapy), and practiced in a context of trust and compassion, proves a precious help on the long and difficult path to healing.

Acupressure & Seniors

acupressure and seniors

Soft acupressure is particularly suitable for seniors: it helps alleviating many ailments with softness and compassion, strengthening the vital energy (which decreases with age), and reinstating the benefits of touch in their life. It helps bearing, and even decreasing, the intake of chemical medicine.

Finally, acupressure applied jointly with verbal therapy, offers to seniors a safe and benevolent space in which they can express and share their dealing with aging.

Benefits of acupressure for seniors include:

  • Relieves pain, osteoarthritis, stiffness, chronic fatigue, chill, indigestion;
  • Improves memory and focus, mental keenness;
  • Strengthens sexual energy;
  • Provides a psychological support for the changes and traumas associated with the aging process: anxiety to age/die, stress generated by the weakening of physical abilities, by illness, hypersensitivity to the environment (noise, people, etc)

Acupressure for Babies and Children

acupressure for babies and children

The first language used and understood by a child is touch.

Acupressure and massage are well accepted by children, and are very efficient ways to relieve stress, gastric disorders, colds, sleep disorder, teeth pain, night incontinence, and unrest.

A session for a child is shorter than for an adult because children react powerfully to therapeutic touch: 10-20mn for babies, 20-30mn for children, 30-45mn for teenagers.