An Acupressure Session

Acupressure session

Before the session

Some preparations, if possible, are strongly recommended.

Before receiving an acupressure treatment, avoid having a heavy meal (it is very unpleasant to lie on your stomach with a full stomach!). Avoid as well fasting and skipping a meal (risk of dizziness).

Bodywork therapy and alcohol are definitely not the perfect combo… A person who has been drinking alcohol should not receive any type of massage, even a quick, chair massage. Alcohol is a stimulant. A state of inebriation is not conducive of relaxation as induced by a bodywork. It goes with acupressure. Nausea or vomiting may occur.

It is recommended to not spray perfume on your body just before an acupressure session. The alcohol vapors and odors, especially the synthetic ones, disrupt the sensitivity of the practitioner, and this sensitivity is essential for a reliable diagnosis.

During an acupressure session, the receiver keep their clothes on. It is easier to detect Ki imbalances through a fabric because contact with the skin distracts the practitioner and brings their attention to the surface area, while the Ki flows under the skin. Also, the fabric reinforces the control of the gesture, because the practitioner’s fingers’ skin does not rip with the receiver’s skin. Finally, the lack of nudity removes any sexual ambiguity.
It is recommended to wear clothing made of natural fibers since synthetic fibers produce static electricity, and interfere with touch.

The Treatment

What happens during an acupressure session?

The protocole varies depending on the receiver’s needs and their health at the time of the treatment.

It also depends on the practitioner’s personal style and preferred modalities. There are different types of acupressure (traditional shiatsu, zen-shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, foot reflexology, etc).

A session lasts about 1 hour.