Aura-Soma Reading

aura soma reading
aura soma reading

Aura-Soma is a form of color therapy, energy work and “soul therapy” that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Aura refers to the electromagnetic field surrounding every person and Soma is the Greek word for body.

Aura-Soma Reading is well suited for people who are at a crossroads, want to invite change or bring a new focus to their life, or are open to exploring themselves on a deeper level.

The idea behind Aura-Soma is “you are the colors you choose.” For an Aura-Soma consultation, you choose four bottles of colored liquids — most of them a combination of two different colors — from a startlingly beautiful display of 107 bottles. The bottles you choose are interpreted to give you a deeper understanding of your potential, your challenges and gifts, what’s coming into your life in the present and what’s coming in the future.

What The Aura-Soma Bottles Mean

Each Aura-Soma bottle has a specific theme or meaning, such as “The Wisdom of Love,” “Trust” or “Living in the Material World.”

The order you choose them in also has a specific meaning.
The first bottle represents the potential and gifts you have brought with you into life.
The second bottle represents the challenges you face, the things within you that you want to be brought into balance and another gift that will come out of that process.
The third bottle represents the “here and now” and where you in relation to the potential and the challenge described in the first two bottles.
The fourth bottle represents where you are going, the energy that you are drawing toward yourself and the future you are trying to create.

Each of the bottles, called “Equilibrium Oils,” have two different layers that are infused with the healing energies of plant extracts, essential oils and crystals. The bottom is water-based and the top layer is oil-based. This separation is what gives the bottles the two-toned appearance that is so beautiful.

After the consultation

After your Aura-Soma consultation the practitioner will recommend that you apply the bottles to your body in a specific order, which may not be the order you chose them in. He/she will also recommend other Aura-Soma products called Pomanders and Quintessences, which support and stimulate the effect of the oils. The Pomanders clear your aura and provide protection, and the Quintessences invite a new quality into your life.

Who created the Aura-Soma therapy?

Aura-Soma was created in 1984 by an English woman named Vicky Wall, whose father was a master of Kabbala and taught her about the healing qualities of various plants.

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