You shall not steal !

Energy vampire, protect energy

The most common human activity is not what you think…

Energy protection

We are mainly made of energy, in different density levels, and we burn energy every day. When we don’t know how to refill in a healthy and natural manner, we steal it from others. Human beings are entangled in this ongoing struggle and subconscious competition that explains many conflicts, situations, and behaviors.

In his milestone book “The Celestine Prophecy“, James Redfield describes four mechanisms of energy stealing. My practice as an energy therapist brought me to verify those mechanisms, and to find explanations in the traditional Chinese medicine concepts :

The Intimidator : gets others’ energy by threatening, either verbally or physically, oppressing, imposing, and even beating up people. Fear, as a matter of fact, empties the Kidneys meridian, where we stock our vital energy, and where is stored our original (transmitted by our lineage) energy. The Intimidator generates fear, and then just has to collect the energy that leaks violently and completely from his counterpart.

The Interrogator
: gets others’ energy by questioning everything all the time. Children subconsciously use that technique. Adults use it out of excessive curiosity, jealousy, to find the flaws and better belittle or criticize. That mechanism empties the Earth Element (Stomach and Spleen meridians), which regulates self-confidence, the Gall Bladder meridian (focus, imagination, reflection), and the Heart meridian (interaction with others), because personal boundaries are violated.

The Aloof : gets others’ energy by looking indifferent, withdrawn, mysterious or secretive, which leads others to exhaust themselves trying to get his attention, wondering what is going on, or feeling guilty.  That technique drains the Earth Element (self-confidence, anxiety/Spleen).

The Poor Me : gets others’ energy by complaining, telling you all the horrible things that happened/is happening/will happen to him, and makes you believe it is partly your fault, unless you help them.

I can visualize you putting names on each profile (“That is exactly my partner!”, “Oh yes, my mother always does that!…”) … Very well! Learn how to recognize the energy thieves, young and old.
And now, think about your own profile! Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) of these descriptions ? If the answer is yes, it is time to change your technique. Your relationships will benefit wonderfully…

How to gain energy without stealing it from others ?

• Breathe deeply
• Catch the vegetal kingdom’s energy (walks in the forest, plants in the house)
• Walk bare feet in natural settings, or on warm natural materials (wood, wool)
• Eat living food (fruits, vegetable, sprouting seeds, algae)
• Increase your positive thinking
• Sort out your relationships (avoid energy vampires and manipulators)
• Exercise (not necessarily with sports, just get a move on !)

The human beings’ energy fields constantly mingle, intertwine, and influence each other. Help yourself, and help others, by gorging yourself with energy without stealing it !

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