Distant (or Remote) Reiki

remote reiki
remote reiki

One of the most spectacular aspects of Reiki is that it can be given (and therefore received) remotely: the giver and the receiver can be located far away from each other, even thousands of kilometers away, and yet the Reiki energy will work its magic.

To do so, the giver has to be attuned to Level 2 and above (i.e.: Practitioner, Master, Teacher).
During a Level 2 attunement, you are imprinted with a symbol that can activate Reiki regardless of time or distance. This symbol (together with related protocols) is used by a Reiki practitioner/Master to work with anyone at a distance, both for a treatment or for an attunement.

Distant Reiki Healing:

It is not always possible to receive a Reiki treatment face-to-face, and distant (or remote) Reiki is very convenient in many cases:

  • You might want or have to stay in the comfort of your home to receive Reiki: maybe you broke your leg, or have undergone surgery, or are very tired, or do not have enough time for the commute to a practice in town,
  • You might be away from home, and would like to receive Reiki from your usual practitioner,
  • You might live far away from your favorite Reiki Master, and remote Reiki is the only way to receive a treatment from her/him.

Whatever the reason, rest assured that remote Reiki is as efficient as “face-to-face” Reiki.

All you have to do is lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed during the treatment. Remote Reiki can actually be received while you are on the go, but I personally do not recommend it.
While receiving Reiki you feel it quite strongly, you feel the warmth, the tingling and you enter deep relaxation. Therefore, driving, speaking in public, exercising, and any activity that requires your focus and/or physical stamina is not advisable while receiving distant Reiki. I personally even give remote Reiki during my clients’ sleep at night, in case of time difference between us!

Distant Reiki Attunement:

distant reiki

Since Reiki can be practiced regardless of the space dimension, attunements can be performed at a distance too. Therefore, you can learn Reiki from a Master that is located far away from where you live.

The benefits are many:

  • You do not have to wait for a Reiki Class to be scheduled and confirmed, you are attuned on the day and time that suit you,
  • You do not have to commute,
  • You get a one-to-one teaching.

In practical terms, we schedule your attunement (set half an hour aside in your schedule). After the attunement you receive your Reiki manual and have one week to read it and practice. We then schedule a one hour Q&A session (Skype preferred).

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