Energy vampires

Energy vampires
energy vampires

Vampires exist, we all know one ! They are those people who suck the energy out of us. After a moment with them, face to face or on the phone, we feel drained, depressed, slow, for no apparent reason.

How to recognize an energy vampire?

A vampire uses one or more techniques to steal energy. Here are a few:

  • He/she speaks loudly, or very weakly, so as to force your attention on him/her.
  • He/she talks only about him/herself, his/her ideas, what happens to him/her,  in every possible detail, so as to force your listening. In a group he/she monopolises the conversation.
  • He/she imposes his/her opinions and give orders, which weakens you.
  • He/she poses as a victim, complains about everything to every one, so as to force your empathy, and if possible your compassion.
  • He/she remains vague and elusive, never commits clearly, never prepares anything in advance, so as to force you to be totally available (manipulators are master vampires).
  • He/she is cold and distant, making you needy.

What to do in the presence of an energy vampire?

Vampires are extremely dangerous for your energy and psychological health. They steal others’ Qi, which seriously unbalances their system. A prolongued exposition to a vampire often leads to illness.

Furthermore, the quality of relationships we have with others is one of the ways we recharge ourselves with vital energy. It is therefore particularly important to protect ourselves against vampires. The best way to protect ourself is to avoid them. As soon as you suspect that your interlocutor is a vampire, go away. Shorten the conversation, find an excuse, and leave.

If you cannot leave (professional meeting, social convention, family reasons, etc), detach your mind. Listen to him/her very superficially, say “yes”, smile, and let your mind escape. Think about your schedule, your grocery shopping, your family, your evening. Do not fall in the trap of giving the vampire all your attention and concentration. Otherwise, you channel and increase your Qi towards him/her, and that is how the theft occurs.

Don’t let him/her touch you, not even stand too close (preserve your vital space).

How to recover from a conversation with an energy vampire?

Wash your hands and forearms with cold water for at least 1 min. Cold water purifies the vital energy (energy therapists wash their hands in cold water after each client – or so they should). Go to a place where you are alone, even if it is the bathroom. Close your eyes, place the palm of one hand below your navel (Hara) and the other palm on your solar plexus. Visualise the vital energy sent in your body through your hands. Take slow and deep breaths, and focus on your breathing.

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