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Dear Anne Cosse,
Thank you very much for the facial recipe, very kind of you. In fact I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I am with your book. I have only had it for 10 days and already I am seeing great results, my skin looks more radiant and younger. I know that I will use this for the rest of my life. I LOVE doing the facial acupressure exercises too, they give me a sense of well being and relaxation. Thank you so much, words cannot express how much I appreciate this.
Kind regards,
Olivia Sougy

Dear Anne,
God Bless You and “Thank You!” for sharing your knowledge to the world. I am so happy to have found your site! I tried your natural facelift technique and it’s amazing! I have seen significant progress from trying it just a couple of days ago—almost half of my bags are gone. It was such a nice feeling since I’ve been having these bags for years on ends and thought it is just part of aging and have been unhappy about it for years too and been worried if my bags will just get bigger and bigger and more prominent as years pass me by! I’ve been having feelings of relief already since seeing changes happening right before my eyes!
Thank you so much!
Joanne Pi

Hello Anne, I have been using your accupressure methods for a while and have experienced very vibrant, special and positive feelings doing so. Thank you very much.

Hi Anne,
Thank you very much for the information. I started to practice yesterday evening. Looking at me in the mirror this morning I thought “it’s really incredible!” Again, thank you.
Fara Razafimahefa, France

I have used your instruction daily & yes the result is taking place OMG – I have also added the cleansing routine & even my Dr. has noticed the difference – Thank you so much – yes the change is apparent – I will follow you from here on out. I have already started talking about you even to my family practitioner – thank you so much for opening up the path I will take – look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Denise Cochran, Australia

Hi Anne. The potatoe and cucumber mask, and the acupressure exercise on the eyes meridian points have worked wonders. My eye bags are reduced, my eyes are sparkling, and my headaches have disappeared.
Malika Amer, France

Hi Anne,
I have started using your book which is of great help.
Ester Surija, Australia

Hi Anne,
I just bought your book and I am delighted !
Eva Janosek, Belgium

Your book about facial acupressure is excellent, and I already got results, on myself and on someone I practice on every day. It’s obvious, in 1 week only results are visible. Thank you again.
Martine Hampartzoumian, India

I started to massage the points around the eyes and I noticed, even after a few days only, that my sight has improved. Thank you for this information!
Gilles Levasseur, Quebec

I started to practise this massage last Monday, in the morning only, it’s great it boosts me for the day!
Kind regards,
Catherine Couderc, France

Your books are very well done and offer exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your professionnalism.
Aline Duval, France

Hi Anne,
Thank you for your interest. I have started practising the exercises and I have to say that the results were instantaneous. Especially on the eye lids, it’s astounding.
I have tried your mask too, many thanks, I am a fan!
Kind regards,
Carol Cassone, Switzerland

Dear Anne,
I am very touched by your sending me an extra bonus and I thank you for that. Already, the results are incredibly satisfying! Please receive my respectful fellowship.
Mireille, France

There is another site that you may know and I wanted to try, that is [XXXXX], but when I saw the unrealistic before & after pictures shown on their webpage I thought “This is the result of surgery and has nothing to do with acupressure techniques”. That is why I considered your technique to give it a try, plus, your degree and experience was something that I took into account.
Gabriela Zola, Argentina

I’ve been practising for 10 days the points for the eyes and I already see a difference. Thank you.
Claudine Dieudonné, Belgium

Very efficient your acupressure method… In front of the mirror, morale is up!
Annick Gillet, France

Dear Anne,
Thank so much for your eye lift exercises. My eye bags have reduced. I’ll continue to do the exercises to completely be free of my eye bags. Thank you again.
Joyce Ang Bee Lian

The effects have been outstanding and I’ve been seeing much progress. I’m turning 50 and have been seeing and feeling changes physically—part of aging process I guess, but having found your site and receiving stuff from you is such an encouragement!
No name

It has helped and I can definately see the difference.
Lauren Smale

Hi. I’ve had dark circles my whole life. I’m 19 years old male and it wasn’t nice walking around like a zoombie. But when I started using your exercises for dark circles I’ve noticed a difference right away. Now it’s been 3 days and my dark circles are almost gone. Note that I tried every product and every home remedy with little or no effect so I can’t thank you enough. You really are awesome..
Tim Pipan

Have done the acupressure for two days.. feeling a bit different already. My confident is back.. this is magic!
Best regards
Sophia Wong

Hi Anne,
Thanks so much for your advice, will recommend your book to everyone I know when or if I receive compliments on my reviltalised complexion!
To be honest in recent years I have developed a horror of aging, but my fears are being diminished by your wonderful book. Not only is this method improving my looks, it is improving my health and well being too. Also something else I didn’t mention earlier (because I wasn’t sure if my imagination was working overtime!) is that I think my eyesight is getting better. 3 weeks ago I couldn’t more than a few pages of my book without my reading glasses. Yesterday evening I was able to read several chapters of my book without my glasses! 😉
Kind regards,
O.S. (hotmail.fr)

Comments via Facebook:

I purchased and did your facial exercise program and I only did one half right before bed and the next morning when I looked into the mirror, I could not believe the drastic difference in only one session. The results are immediate! (Helen Taj – Apr 2012)

Comments via YouTube:

thank you it really worked! (TAOMMANN – Dec 2012)

Thanks for these tips iv tried them and they really work!! my dark circles are dissapering esspecially since i started making my own cheyenne pepper supplements they strengthen and heal your cappilaries from the inside so when combined with your tips im getting Amazing results thanks (glowingskinsecrects – Dec 2012)

It’s working for me, I cannot thank you enough! (ItsAllBeenDecided – Dec 2012)

I really can’t find a way to tell you how happy I am that this is actually working! I’ve tried everything and spent tons of money and the remedy was in my hands all along. But really, I can’t thank you enough (JimmyStruthers1000 – Aug 2012)

This is amazing, I’ve tried so many treatments none that worked and gave me result instantly than this. In just one try, I have gotten amazing results. Thank you so very very very very much for this! (sehfdiegerjgtgeg – Jul 2012)

i have read that acupresure but was nevr really sure how but this helped LOT thanks so much!! 🙂 (flowerpink4536 – Jul 2012)

Thx so much (cocoacoolness – Jul 2012)

Directly right after I did this, I noticed my bags under my eyes tightend up a little…This is awesome! Thank you 🙂 sIlovetomkaulitz – Jul 2012)

I just did the massage and it I instantly felt the effects. (salafiyyah91 – Jun 2012)


i just tried this and my vision is a little blurry lol but i do notice a difference just with the first time. (mgusanito097 – Mar 2012)

whoa, I did this, went and looked in the mirror and blam, they were much less dark looking! this is amazing! (ilovebacon83 – Jan 2012)

Wow, the first time I did this it worked almost right away! I noticed a visible difference..(HahaLeslie – Jan 2012)

Hello! First I would like to say that I tried your method to reduce eye puffiness and I could tell a difference within 5 minutes of doing it. Thanks so much! (whispergirl77 – Dec 2011)

I did this… I cant actually believe that this gave me some decent results even from the moment I did this. My eye area looked… fresher, more relaxed and less tired. Im getting older, Im ageing, Im getting wrinkles about the eyes and bags at times. Kinda makes me unhappy to see it. Thanks for putting this out there for free. (TNZeitlin – Dec 2011)

Hi Anne, I’ve been using your method for about 1 week and I’ve seen noticeable improvement. I also find it very relaxing. One thing that I do while using your method is to use a heavy amount of face cream so i don’t feel like I’m tearing any tender tissue. I’m so happy I found this video….thank you. (tobeamiss1 – Nov 2011)

it works! yay. (simoneisflyokay09 – Nov 2011)

Its worked thanks it helps a lot. (Brady2723 – Sep 2011)

Aye this worked for me son…I usually don’t watch this kind of shit but it really works…I’m just sayin (Dkellybrew – Sep 2011)

OK – I was VERY skeptical of this video. But I’ve gotta tell you – it works. My eyes have gotten noticeably younger looking in just three days of doing this. The dark circles under my eyes have been lessened significantly, and my eyes are looking much less tired. I don’t know how it works, but I’m a believer. Thank you Anne for generously posting this video. (sonicwonder2000 – Aug 2011)

hey i would like to thank you this has been very helpful for me i have seen major improvement and my bags are not noticeable thanks (esation310 – Jan 2011)

Anne, I first started using this about 2 weeks ago, for the first week I saw a MAJOR improvement. (alex8923 – Jan 2011)

Thank you for answering my questions! You have been a great help and your Acupressure is really useful! I’m so addicted to this now, everytime after I do it, my eyes feel so fresh and I feel relaxed! (Jemlebeau – Dec 2010)

Thank you so much for the video. I’ve just tried it today. I did it 3 times today and it works ! My eyebags were getting very small. It is really amazing! I just hoped that it will remain like that tomorrow and days after. I spent thousands of dollars in beauty salon but did not work. I’m afraid of surgery and this exercise really helps. Thanks again. (SuperFairyfairy – Dec 2010)

Thank you for the video ! it really helped 🙂 I have been doing this for more than two weeks now twice a day, I see eyebags are different, they seem more relaxed and smooth. (framboise231- Dec. 2010)

i love it ! thanks ! really helped. (cheenee11 – Sep 2010)

This worked for me, i had sunken eyes and dark… I’ve been doing this for 11 days now and have been tracking my results on photo booth… My sunken eyes seem more full everyday i do this!!! (thunderdome77 – Aug 2010)

After this my eyes feel much better! (miska9901 -Jul 2010)

That was excellent, I just tried it and I loved it. (LeiLei08 – Feb 2010)

Wow thanks that was very helpful. been having this problem for years.. (rich80baby – Feb 2010)

Very nice. :] Thank you very much for this, I find it very effective and soothing. (Amberleeah – Feb 2010)

Thanks! Feels great and could feel fluid start to drain away from under the eye. How to find the under- eye pressure points really helpful! DulciJubilo (Jan 2010)

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