It’s Autumn, the Season of Metal!

autumn, fall, metal
autumn, fall, metal

For the Tao (and thus for Acupressure), every season is a concentration of energy. The rhythm of the seasons is the continuous movement of growth and decay of the Yin and Yang, driven by the movement of the Sun.
How does it affect you? Because a seasonal review of your lifestyle can adjust your energy to the surrounding energy and optimize your resistance to disease. It also prepares you for the next season.

Autumn started last August 8 and will end on October 20. Summer’s Yang decreases, Yin grows, things slow down, cool off, crystallize.

The 5-Elements Theory establishes a close link between autumn, old age, decline, west, drought, lungs, large intestine, skin, hair, nose, smell, pungent, white, sadness, melancholy, mental and spiritual activities, communication, endurance, resistance, suspension.

This is the sphere of the Metal element.

An imbalance of energy in the meridians associated with Metal (Lungs and Large Intestine) causes sadness, melancholy and even depression, despondency, mulling over, obsession, bitterness, rigidity, stubbornness, difficulty to accept change, skin problems, constipation, diarrhea.

Metal governs the autumn. It’s the end of the exuberant period of summer, the beginning of the decline, the downturn until the inertia of the hibernating winter. But it is not death. It is rest, internalization, appeasement, resourcing, the preparation of the renewal of life: spring, the beginning of a new cycle.

Autumn is the ideal time to take stock, to “clean up” (literally and figuratively), let go of what has no more use or meaning (the leaves fall) to mature (the Winter), and make room to welcome the new (young shoots of spring).

If you feel tired, nostalgic or depressed, it’s normal: it’s the season!
Here are some tips to get you in sync with the energy of the current season and feel better:

  • Sort out, tidy up, do a deep house cleaning.
  • Make stock of the past year (and learn the related lessons).
  • Practice breathing exercises (to pamper your lungs), massaging your belly at the same time if you can (to help your large intestine)
  • Walk in nature, breathing at the top of your lungs
  • Communicate, say what you have to say
  • Let go
  • Pamper your skin, indulge in professional facials and body care treatments . Try facial rejuvenation acupressure.
  • Eat spicy (spices, garlic, pepper, mustard, ginger), especially while eating white foods (to balance out)
  • Prefer slow cooking, steamed, hot dishes and soups.
  • Cleanse your body with magnesium
  • Start or emphasize meditation (for some internalization)
  • Go consult an energy therapist (shiatsu, acupuncture, acupressure) for general rebalancing.
  • Set your life in order

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