Green air conditioning: Using plants to counter global warming

green air conditioning
green air conditioning

Sustainable development: using plants to counter the gradual warming of cities. And plants are full of vital energy, enjoy!

Living near a park saves 10% to 20% of your energy bill. In industrial areas, the trees planted around a building reduce spending for air conditioning by 30%. A plant surrounded by trees and equipped with a green roof reduces its consumption of air conditioning by 48% on average.

A tree is as refreshing as 5 units of air conditioning running 24h/24 (shadow + evapotranspiration).

A tree returns an average of 1,700 liters of water per day into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the temperature (evapotranspiration effect).

Leaves absorb up to 90% of solar radiation.

The difference in temperature in the shade found in Singapore between urban areas and park areas is on average 5 degrees Celsius (7 degrees for most wooded parks).

A green roof lowers the roof temperature by 30 degrees.

A green wall lowers the temperature of the building walls by 5 to 10 degrees.

[Source: Sustainable Development Research team, National Parks Board of Singapore.]

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