Holistic dentistry

holistic dentistry
holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry aims to treat the individual as a whole.

The approach is very recent, in fact, the mouth was considered for centuries as separate from the rest of the body and the tooth like a pebble stuck in the jaws whose sole function was to grind. For holistic dentistry, the mouth is related to many functions: chewing, but also breathing, body statics, cognition, etc.. Any act performed in the oral sphere has an impact on the overall health: posture, general well-being and even the quality of life.

Holistic dentistry includes holistic or functional orthodontics, and dental energy. The teeth hold the memories of events in our lives and can somatize internal changes. They are resonators of our physical and emotional states.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the teeth are related to the Kidney meridian, where the vital energy is stored , especially the original (inherited) Qi. Small, dull, loose teeth are often a sign of lack of desire for life, or a low intrinsic level of Qi.

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