How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags And Dark Circles

drak circles, eye bags, acupressure
dark circles, eye bags, acupressure

Under eyes bags and puffiness have many different possible causes: diet & lifestyle, heredity, and medical. Spot the cause, and you will have an idea about the solution, or about who could help you.

Diet & lifestyle are the fields on which we have control:  stress, allergies from food, cosmetics, chemicals, dust, smoking, tiredness, fatigue, alcohol intake, excess of salty food, fat accumulation, shortage of vitamin K… The first obvious action to reduce eye bags and dark circles is to adjust your diet and lifestyle. Single out the culprit(s), and change.

In some cases, under eye bags (and dark circles) are hereditary. The silver lining is that you know it in advance, you are ready, you can take action, ask the family members about their solutions. Sometimes only surgery can help (if your eye bags are fat bags, for instance).

In other cases, the cause is medical: water retention, hormonal changes, bad blood circulation, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, toxins. Health practitioners are your allies then, go and consult.

Whatever the cause and your chosen solution, you might also want to try herbs masks (tea, parsley).

As an acupressure practitioner, I recommend self-acupressure exercises. They are easy and quick to practice, and are very efficient to get rid of eye bags and reduce dark circles.

Acupressure is a finger pressure technique. Originally a healing art, acupressure can be used in other areas. Beauty and anti-aging are examples of application fields for self-acupressure. By applying pressure on the right spots around the eyes, you drain lymph and other secretions, toxins, dust, etc, improve blood circulation and more importantly balance and strengthen the vital energy flow in the zone.
Vital energy connects all spheres of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual. By working on the deeper levels of vital energy, you access all these spheres and work on the causes of any tension, which usually translates in tension around the eyes. You improve your well-being, which in turn relaxes the eyes zone.

Learn simple exercises to get rid of eye bags with acupressure with this DIY Acupressure Program:

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