Intuitive coaching

intuitive coaching, guidance
intuitive coaching, guidance

The contemporary personal and spiritual search may be a search for meaning of one’s life or various transitions, a journey inward, a re-evaluation, or a search for self-discovery and awareness leading to enlightenment and change. Intuitive coaching, guidance counselling, and spiritual guidance all help individuals on their life’s journey, to unveil their inner wisdom, find happiness, a sense of self and usefulness, and become ‘mind-full’ of their personal power.

On a personal development level, guidance empowers you to take responsibility for your self, goals, choices and accomplishments. It helps you understand who you really are, how your actions and choices have led you to where you are today.

On a spiritual level, guidance provides inspiring answers to specific questions and wondering about your life’s purpose, enables you to connect with the inner self that provides a sense of knowing as you attune to a higher dimension of self. The tools to provide and receive guidance are plenty. They draw from psychology, body-mind-soul theories, philosophy, theology, and theosophy.

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