Is ear piercing bad for the vital energy?

Ear piercing, vital energy
Ear piercing, vital energy

A reader recently sent me this question, and I would like to share my answer with you: “My 9 and 6 year old daughters asked to have their ears pierced … Should I discourage them? Is piercing harmful to health and the energy that flows through the ears?”

If the piercing is done on an acupressure / acupuncture point, but not only (see further below), it obviously affects the vital energy. This impacts both the said point, and the energy flow along the meridian where the piercing is located.

Each acupressure point is connected to a metabolic function, a mental state and an emotion. Piercing a point disturbs the balance these functions and states.

This is particularly true for the ears, since the ears harbor around 300 acupressure points, all connected to an organ! For example, the lobe is connected to the eyes. For more information, take a look at the chart: you will see which organ is connected to where you plan to pierce.

The same is true for the meridians. Each meridian regulates an organ and its role, a mental state and an emotion. It takes only one imbalanced point along it to disturb the whole meridian.

However, life energy flows much like water: the meridians ultimately follow the path of steepest descent and depending on the physical obstacles in its path. So my belief is that the flow finds its way around the piercing zone, to then merge back after this obstacle.

That said, the point is pierced, and that is not healthy.

Some acupressure / TCM practitioners believe that the piercing can be therapeutic. Namely, since acupuncture points are stimulated with needles, piercing is no different, and would even give a permanent and therefore beneficial stimulation.

I disagree with this view because:
1) Acupuncture needles (or finger pressure) only stimulate the points. There is not mutilation.
2) The skin and body are allergic to many metals. Unless you wear a piercing made of the same material as acupuncture needles, the permanent presence of poor quality and / or allergen metal is unhealthy.
3) Also, metal disrupts energy. So in the end the flow is diverted from its course and deformed by the metal field. Thus, a piercing that is not located precisely on an acupressure point or meridian still impacts the vital energy (and therefore the person’s health and well-being).

In conclusion, in my eyes piercing is detrimental to the balance of the energy flow, more or less deeply depending on the location and nature of the piercing.

In any case, 9 and 6 y.o. seems too young. Late teens might be a better time, but during the years when the body grows and evolves (and finds its “form” and its “music”), piercing seems really premature.

Ironically enough my lobes are pierced since I am 20 and I had never thought of that question! Since my correspondance with that reader, whom I thank, I removed my earrings, and I am patiently waiting for the holes to close naturally …

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  1. Nice post! Piercing is a fashion that is not going anywhere. Ear piercing is one of them that can be used by both male and females. Thanks for this lovely post!

  2. Thoughts on excessive organs or deficient organs which would require surgery or cuffs/piercing would be welcome.

  3. I’m very interested in thoughts of cuffs instead of piercing.stretching and holistic ancient therapies piece the inner and outer areas where there are no actual acupoints for permanent health. Any comments?

  4. I started having a lot of problems around the time I pierced my ears and those problems have never resolved. How can I fix this energetically? (I havent worn earrings for 15 years, but they still get buildup and things like that)

  5. Hmmm. My sister mentioned this concept to me (piercing not good for reasons you’ve stated above), and she let the holes in her ears to close naturally, too. I was skeptical (because I’m skeptical of these types of things), but I’m going to let this simmer in the back of my brain for awhile. I do love my earrings. 😉

    This does make me wonder what your thoughts are on tattoos.

  6. Thanks for posting this I currently have a tounge ring and multi ear rings holes. I was curious about the tounge doing the same as the ears. Because I haven’t wore earrings in a yr or so and I noticed my health over all has done better. I do remember my ears would get sore from cheap earrings. Alot of your article made me think good and hard about how I felt physically before and after on each piercing. To each there own I guess. lol Have a great day!

  7. Interesting post. Although honestly, I don’t think it was necessary to take out ear lobe piercings.. 90% of women and many, many men have their ear lobes pierced, which include a ton of very successful, nice, kind people.

    It’s just an ear lobe piercing. I agree that many other piercings may have some impact on health, although I think people look too much into things some times.. And this is coming from someone who overanalyzes everything. This whole thing is quite exaggerated.

    1. Hey Collin, thanks for sharing. People with their ear lobes pierced are just as successful, nice, kind people as anyone else : I was one of them ! LOL

    2. The Lobes are full of important accupoints. The point majorly affected by the masses is the eyes as it it usually fairly central to the lobe. Look up accupressure points on google images. Endless charts will appear showing the central lobe correlating to the eyes and beingbprivy to this fact, I have seen first hand how shortly after, within weeks, eyesight problems develop after receiving piercings in the lobe by people whom beforehand never had eye issues at all.

      Herbs can also be taken to assist in the healing and reversal of this panel trauma.

      Piercing guns are very dangerous as well. Not only due to the blunt trauma to the ear and point panels, but because the gun itself is rarely cleaned itself. Plasma and microscopic splatters of blood end up on everything near by.

      Then the next person opens a wound in the same manner. Usually only the posts or the earings themselves are sterilized.


      1. I never piece my daughters ears I didn’t wanted to hurt nerves endings for what I’ve learned then . While in
        high school and with the help on their gramma one of them did it. Then later soon in college she need it glasses. Now she were contacts. What kind of herbs could be used? Should be herbs that work on the eyesight or herbs for healing nerves and skin or energy flow ?

        Thanks! Dean.

    3. Collin, I can agree there are a very great number of both male and females that have their ears pierced and they are very successful, beautiful and good looking men although success and looks is not what affects health and the piercings is not what creates beauty. Beauty comes from within and natural beauty is very essential to understand and appreciate before any piercings. The body is very intricuilly(?) designed, jsut look at the majority of the comments affecting the health of people with piercings?

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