Large Intestine meridian

Large Intestine Meridian

In TCM, the yang (male) Large Intestine is paired with the yin (female) Lungs – both organs of excretion. Both are associated with the Metal element, which governs principles, order, letting go, sadness, worry. The large intestine is associated with muscular strength and vitality and is regarded as working with the lymphatic system to clear metabolic by-products from the muscles, thereby preventing muscular aches and fatigue.
An imbalance of energy in the Large Intestine Meridian manifests in one or more of the following conditions: sorrow, resentment, worry, coughing, anguish, claustrophobia, inflexibility (both body and mind), pessimism, nostalgia, stubbornness, holding on.
(Drawings copyright Anne Cossé)

Large Intestine Meridian

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