The Secrets to Manifestation…

the secrets to manifestation

We generate events and circumstances according to our dominant thoughts. Any line of thinking which we believe and on which we constantly dwell takes root in the subconscious and cannot fail to influence us. We are a walking manifestation of our predominant thoughts.

For some this is rather frightening, but once you realise that you are the only person who can think of your thoughts, and that you are in charge of your thoughts, it becomes exciting. You realise that no matter what has gone before, you have the power to move in any direction you choose. From now on, be very careful what you think about!

12 Secrets to Create Miracles and Manifestation:

1. Purify your Thoughts!
Examine your thoughts, attitudes and behavior.
Identify blockages in your flow and calmly release these blockages.

2. Keep Aligned!
Shift your awareness from your own concerns to the concerns of others.
Pay attention to what’s going on in the world. If you are consistently conscious of other’s needs, the Universe will be consistently conscious of your needs.
Consider healing or helping others by sending them light and love. If you help others to prosper, the Universe will help you to prosper.

3. Send your Request!
Formulate any request mentally, put into words and then into writing. Words which are spoken are only the first condensation of thought. Written words take the condensation to another level of solidity. A great essence to manifestation.

4. Amplify and Illuminate!
Take an inventory of your existing tools and resources and blessings. Don’t forget to include your talents, your health, your knowledge and your other intangible resources.
Whatever you focus on expands, so focus on what you have.

5. Constant Giving!
Become a regular, constant giver. Like attracts like. The feelings of satisfaction and joy that result from true giving attracts objects and experiences that will promote more feelings of satisfaction and joy in your life.

6. Stay Grounded!
Stay grounded and experience the present moment as much as possible. Fear and Anxiety, which form the great dam that blocks your flow, are by products of an obsession with the future. Whereas Shame and Guilt result from thinking about the past. When you are fully grounded, these obstacles dissolve and the energy of your life begins to flow with great power.

7. Visualize and Claim it!
If you truly want to be successful then you have to visualize and feel success in your mind and heart. By seeing and believing that success has already happened, you’ll be able to manifest it in your life.

8. Be grateful!
Bless your resources. All of them. All the time. Be conscious of the gifts that have been entrusted to you. Cultivate a deep sense of appreciation.
Make frequent positive comments about your health, your friends, your job, your house, your life and everything else you have been given.
Never speak any negative words about anyone or anything. This can cause great damage.

9. Acting As If!
Begin now and Start doing! Avoid procrastinating; there is never any other time to begin.
Expect a miracle, but allow it to unfold in its own time. The more accepting you are about the time frame, the shorter it will be.
Identify any snags, stumbling blocks or difficult tasks that are holding you back.

10. Be in the Loop!
Engage in Cycle. As energy begins to flow through your life, pass it on. Keep energy moving- if you receive, pass it on quickly and efficiently.
Constantly look for ways to send energy back and around the circuit. When you receive, automatically look for a way to give something back.

11. Be Open to Receive!
The secret of success is big pockets. Be wide open in consciousness. Big pockets are formed by thinking big. Cultivate a consciousness of unlimited potential.
Believe that anything is possible. Avoid any limited and fearful thinking.
Eat and be filled! Receive and let the energy and resources that flow into your life fill you with joy, pleasure and gratitude.

12. Create a Wealth Box!
Create a Wealth Box and place any pictures or symbols of anything you wish to treasure or wish to acquire. Then pop all of the crystals into the wealth box and hide it away. Crystals: Citrine- Brings steady flow of wealth and money (can keep a citrine in purse too). Green jade- Brings long term prosperity. Pyrite- Helps money flow easily, and get business thriving. Quartz- Attracts wealthy people into your life. Diamonds- Ultimate Money-generator

by Audrey Agcaoili

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