Are You Out Of Your Mind?

are you out of your mind?


Your mind is your free will and your tool that differentiates you from everyone and everything else, it allows you to experience you as you are now and here, or your possible future.

Your ego however, is part of your mind that thinks that you are your ego.

Your mind is in every single cell in your body. Your mind functions from your past data while the soul from your wisdom in every present moment. Your mind has the tendency to match your past data, and then adds your present moment when you are experiencing something new, or your mind travels backwards in time to retrieve all information from previous moments and compare to this present moment you are experiencing.

Your mind cannot see the future, but your past, so it has the tendency to pay more attention to the negative because you have become attached to the pain and the drama. Your mind has a very limited perception of the present moment because it has the tendency to go back to your past data and that all it knows.

However, this present moment can invite your mind to start a new thought process in order to make things more constructive, so invite you to pay attention to the apparent rather than to what is clearly imagine.

Your mind is the smallest aspect of yourself. Your mind can create your physical reality and your experiences. Your soul can evolve much faster when you give up what your mind wants. Sometimes when your mind wants something is not what is best for your soul.

Your mind holds your judgments and what you have witnessed in the past, which will influence in your present decisions and choices. Your mind can help you decide to feel a certain way if you chose to, because it is your thoughts that will trigger your emotions.

Your mind contains knowledge or information, but does not have wisdom, your soul does. You can think faster when you ignore your past data become more in touch with your soul and your present moment. All your changes start at the psychological level because it is your mind that will create your new perspective about yourself.

Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Your mind creates your truth and does not observe it because of insufficient critical thinking.

So, if you want to experience real and spiritual life, you have to be out of your mind.

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