Fill up with Qi, it’s everywhere!


How to stock up on vital energy?

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The vital energy that flows in our body is called Qi (or Ch’i, Ki, Prana, bio-electricity, orgone), and is the basis of our well-being and health. Where can it be found, and how can we fill up with it?
According to Chinese Classics, Qi is first formed from the original Qi transferred by our parents. The original Qi is like a fixed capital, that depletes when we age. Every genealogical lineage has a specific nature of Qi of its own: weak in some families, strong in others.
Fortunately, we also absorb vital energy every day (otherwise we would not live very long!).

The sources are many:

  • Foods. The following foods contain more Qi than others: organic, additive free, home made, local, comprehensive, unrefined, unprocessed, naturally preserved, wild. This is not about becoming a vegetarian, but about choosing as live and natural a food as possible. A tomato that grows in cotton has little to offer in terms of Qi …
  • Water. Whatever other beverages we drink during the day, we have to drink water in addition. Only water cleanses (you do not wash your windows with coffee or fruit juice, right? …)
  • Breathing. The salty air by the seaside, the fresh air of the countryside, are essential sources of energy. The word Qi is also synonymous with “breath”.
  • Exercise. Every day, move your body. Even by just walking. Qi needs to flow, inertia is not its ally.
  • The relationships we have with others. Harmonious and enriching relationships are vital, and it is also important to protect ourselves against “energy vampires”.

So even when nature is asleep, it is still possible to fill up with vital energy in everyday life!

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