Reiki: Urban legends Vs Reality

Reiki [Xvarnah - Andrew Gonzalez]
reiki urban legends

I am often asked the most amazing, and sometimes spooky questions about Reiki. People hear things from people who heard things about what happens during a class, and what happens to you after you have been attuned, or even after you have received a treatment.

There are a lot of urban legends circulating about Reiki… Here are some questions I have been asked:

  • “I read in a magazine that when you are attuned to Reiki, you see sparks of lightening, and even balls of fire! Is that true?”
  • ” My friend told me that after you are attuned to Reiki, you can see dead people. Is that true? Because you know, I don’t want to see ghosts!”
  • “Reiki is a sect, and anyway as a Catholic/Jew/Muslim/xxx, I believe in God/Yave/Allah/xxx only, so I don’t want to have anything to do with Reiki.”

Actually, I love to hear those questions and comments, because they are a great opportunity to set the records straight:

  • Reiki is NOT a religion. It does not interfere with your own beliefs. It is a spirituality-based art though, which promotes a balanced life style. But it does not offer any dogma, or morality.
  • Reiki is NOT a sect. No one is deprived from their freedom, money or dignity. It is an art that can be learned, and activated in you. Students pay Masters for this training. Period. If some individuals become obsessed with Reiki, and do not accept any other art/therapy/vision, it is their personal problem (may they find peace!).
  • With Reiki, IT IS NOT EXPECTED to see dead people, ghosts, or even spiritual guides. After a treatment, you feel deeply relaxed and centered. You may have a feeling of oneness with the world, or your loved ones, or the universe. That’s it. If you have clairvoyant abilities, then that state might induce visions, but it is not part of Reiki.
  • During a Reiki attunement/class, there is no appearance of balls of fire or aliens. Your chakras channel is opened, and you receive the symbols. Then the symbols are activated in you. That makes a lot of energy to receive in one day! Since energy is vibration, you can feel it in terms of twinkling, heat, or color (behind your closed eyes), depending on your sensitivity.

Unfortunately, there are charlatans and manipulative personalities in every possible field on Earth, because it is part of humankind. They can use Reiki as a tool to subject people. It is therefore very important to exercise care when you look for a practitioner or a teacher (as in any field)!

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