A drastic exercise to relax a stiff neck

xercise to relax a stiff neck
exercise to relax a stiff neck

Your neck is stiff, your muscles tensed, and you do not have enough time for a massage. This radical tip will help you relax the big ropy muscles behind your neck.

On the floor, pile up a few hard cover books (dictionary, encyclopedia…). Lay down on your back, your nape right on the top edge of the books pile. The pile has to be high enough so that your nape truly rests on the edge. You should feel the full weight of your head on your muscles, not on the skull.
Completely relax your head. Its weight crunches the nape muscles.
Very slowly, turn your head to the right, and then to the left, and again, during a few minutes. You must feel the edge of the books pressing on your neck muscles.
Then stay still for a 1 mn. Close your eyes. Wait until the pain fades off.
Stand up slowly, because as soon as you carry our head back up, blood suddenly flows in.

Feel the difference: your neck feels lighter, and you feel much taller!

Repeat this exercise once a day.

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