Thai massage is not what you think…

Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the modalities of acupressure. Acupoints are stimulated with strong pressure by fingers, feet, knees, elbows and forearms. In addition of the pressure, stretching exercises are used that are both dynamic and fluid, and controlled by the practitioner. These exercises are usually based on yoga postures, but no prior knowledge of this discipline is required.

thai massage

Thai massage was born about 2500 years, following the arrival in Thailand of doctors and Buddhist monks from India. It has its roots in China (acupressure) and India (Ayurvedic vision of the energy).

Inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy, the Thai system states that all life is animated by an invisible energy, the Prana. According to Indian tradition, the Prana flows through the body through the nadis , a network of 72,000 energy channels. When energy is blocked or restricted, imbalance follows and causes health problems. To treat the whole body, including the internal organs, Thai massage focuses on ten nadis called sen

thai massage

In the West, several terms are used to describe Thai massage, including Nuad Bo’Rarn, Nuate, Nuad Phaen, Thai massage and yoga massage.

In Thailand, massage is considered a therapeutic treatment and practiced in hospitals among other medicines.

Thai massage is suitable for people of all ages, even seniors. Many athletes, martial artists and dancers believe that stretching and opening exercises help to improve their performance.

thai massage

Thai massage is especially effective for reducing stress, and to realign the body, relieve back pain, stimulate vital organs and strengthen the immune system. Energy therapy helps to improve many health problems related in particular to the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems. I recommend it to people: – Whose body and joints are a bit stiff, to increase their flexibility. – Whose energy is stagnant: stretching revives the blood and energy flows much faster than a shiatsu session, for example.

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