Sleep and the Kidney meridian

sleep, kidneys meridian
sleep, kidneys meridian


For traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are essential for the vital energy: not only does the Kidneys meridian store the vital energy that we absorb day after day, but it is the cradle of the ancestral energy instilled by our parents during conception.

There is no way to increase our ancestral energy level. It is a fixed capital transmitted by the lineage, and it gradually decreases with time . However, we have an influence on the rest of our Qi: everyday we absorb Qi through food, water, air, exercise and relationships. Therefore, the quality of these sources directly translate into the quality of our own vitality.

Another way to regenerate our stock of Qi is sleep.

For strange reasons, sleep is frowned upon in our culture: people who need more than eight hours of sleep a night to recover are suspected of laziness, and it is often considered has-been to go to bed before midnight. However, all the spheres of our being need sleep every day, and we are unique in terms of sleep needs: some people are fine with six hours, others need nine, some need to go to bed early, others can stay up late. The key is to learn what our needs are, and stick to them as much as possible.

In addition, each energy meridian has a preferred time slot, that it is interesting to incorporate in our lifestyle. For example, the kidneys are energetically the stars from 5pm to 7pm. Taking a nap at this time of the day can be particularly rejuvenating in case of sleep deprivation.

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