It’s Summer, the Season of Fire!

Sun Summer


The Five Elements theory makes a strong link between summer, the heart, small intestine, fire, red, joy, laughter, vitality, warmth, growth, speech, the depth of communication, sweating, language, blood, bitter taste, arms, and shoulders.

Fire is in our energy every day from 11am to 3pm, which is lunchtime. Thus, in summer, informal lunches with friends or family (joy, communication), especially outdoors (heat), around a barbecue (fire) are particularly suitable!

When our Fire element is balanced, it brings us joy, interaction, ability to forgive.

When in excess (the energy is too powerful in the meridian), we are impatient, talk very fast, have palpitations and hot flashes, experience insomnia, hysteria and hyperactivity, fever, thirst. Fire reduces the excess of Metal, the Element of principles, values​​, law. So too much celebration/partying, extreme emotions, interaction (Fire) can lead to indifference to morality and the laws…

When low (weak energy in the meridian), the Fire goes out and gives way to melancholy, even depression, silence, confusion. Metal increases (because Fire is not strong enough to control it), and it can lead to becoming psycho-rigid, killjoys, clinging to principles and procedures.

It’s summer, nurture your heart, nurture your emotions!

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